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Protect the UniFi Cloud Key with a custom SSL certificate

When connecting to the UniFi Cloud Key Controller, you need to know the IP-address and port number (default 8443). In my situation, the IP-address is If you do not know your Cloud Key IP-address, use the Ubiquiti Device Discovery Tool. The connection is using https (that’s good), but there is no domain name, so the default SSL certificate triggers a security warning in your web browser because it can’t be verified.

Hosting a Static Site on Azure using CDN and HTTPS

Most websites don’t need a dynamically generated page for every visitor; it is slow, expensive, and requires continuous updates to be secure. A static site is fast and reliable. I hear you thinking; this is old school, most websites are interactive and are using a CMS in some kind to manage their content. Headless CMS The solution for a static website is to make use of a headless CMS, like Hugo or Jekyll.

KPN Fiber Connection with Ubiquiti USG, IPTV and IPv6

In my last blog post, I talked about my Home and Office Network Setup and explained that the default modem/router/Wi-Fi device you get from your ISP is not the best thing to have in your network. In this blog post, I explain what I did to directly connect my KPN fiber connection to my Ubiquiti Security Gateway (USG). Ziggo When using a cable connection, a modem is needed to modulate the signal to be useful as TCP/IP.

My Home and Office Network Setup

Working from home, I use Microsoft Teams for online meetings. Some of my colleges and customers have an unreliable Internet connection at their homes. Most of the time, the problems are with their Wi-Fi what results in audio or video dropouts during online meetings. In this blog post, I outline my home and office network and Internet setup for a fast and rock-solid connection. Internet In the Netherlands we are blessed with fast and affordable internet, we have options like cable, fiber, and VSDL.