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Lowering Your Energy Bill: How Combining Dynamic Pricing and Home Battery Storage Can Save You Money

Introduction In today’s energy and climate crisis, prices for energy such as natural gas for heating and electricity have risen significantly in recent years, with prices at least two to three times higher than in past decades. This is particularly true in Europe, where affordable natural gas from Russia is currently not available. The price of electricity is also closely linked to the price of natural gas, so even when clean electricity is generated through wind, solar, and nuclear power, the price is still higher than what we are used to.

Azure Maps Web Application Authentication

Introduction One of the requirements when building a business application, which may give access to private business data, is that only authenticated employees or agents be able to see that data. So how can you use Azure Maps in combination with authentication and authorization to ensure only the people that should be allowed have access? Our Azure Maps docs describe in detail many different authentication scenarios but the complexity can make it seem difficult to implement.

Protecting and Hiding your Bing Maps Key

Introduction When using Bing Maps for Enterprise in your solution/application, you need a Basic Key (limited free trial) or an Enterprise key to use the services. For example, you would add a Bing Maps Key to the script URL loading the Bing Maps Web Control like this: 1 <script src="https://www.bing.com/api/maps/mapcontrol?callback=GetMap&key={your bing maps key}"></script> Now your key is open text on your site source code and people who look can find and use your key.

Use Azure Maps to calculate an isochrone to reach your customers

Imagine you are a store owner and would like to target customers that live within a 15-minute drive from your store with advertising for your weekly specials. You could draw a circle on a map, guessing that is about 15 minutes away, but it will not truly represent the time it will take for customers to get to your store. For example, a customer living near a major transit route can live further away from the store than a customer living in a less well-served part of the city.

Azure DevOps Dashboard

Introduction When you are managing Azure DevOps in a large enterprise organization, and you are still using only one Azure DevOps organization account, you are probably hitting some limits or have potential performance issues. Microsoft’s recommendation is to have around 300 projects in a single Azure DevOps organization account. I have seen Azure DevOps organizations with more than 600 projects that still work. The solution is to set up a multi-organization structure.

Do I get wet feet? Draw a flood map using Azure Maps Elevation

Introduction When you are living in the Netherlands you are used to that, nearly 26% of its land falling below sea level, and about 50% is just only exceeding 1 m (3.3 ft) above. The Dutch people have lived many centuries battling the water, not only from the sea but also from her rivers. To protect the land the Dutch have built many sophisticated protecting- and management systems to handle the water, like the Delta Works.

Create your own indoor maps using Azure Maps Creator

Introduction When you are working inside a building, like an office, factory, shopping mall, or something like a museum. There are probably a lot of sensors that can tell you information about that building, like what is the temperature and air quality per room, is there any door open or is there some alarm happening. When you in a big building and you want to know the fastest route to a specific room/store/painting, you probably apricate some help in navigating.

Protect your web applications using Azure Application Gateway

What is Azure Application Gateway? Azure Application Gateway is a reverse proxy with optional WAF (Web Application Firewall) capability to allow incoming connections from external sources. The Gateway operates at Layer 3, 4, and 7 for IP-based, TCP/UDP-based, URL-based, and Host Header-based routing. When to use the Application Gateway? Microsoft has multiple services to protect and accelerate your applications; they are used for different scenarios, depending on where your users are: